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    We just code for a living *
    * But we really care about what we write and how we do it.

About us

Comment IT is a software company with a simple goal: write good software to help our clients solve their domain problems.

Coding since 1990

Although only founded as a company in 2013, Comment IT programmers have been writing code for a long time. Some of them started back in the 80s/90s just for fun, using their MSXs, Commodore or Spectrum to implement primitive code.

We are people who are passionate and pragmatic with the job that we do. This passion and pragmatism occurs in every single element of our company; back office or development. We can only accomplish this with the help of our clients by creating a real partnership where both sides benefit.

Comment IT is a really young company, only in existence since 2013, and we have already delivered extremely successful projects for the BBC, Global, ROC Search Recruitment and Mercuria Trading SA to name but a few. Our future plans entail more of the same; happy customers that fall in love with the software solutions built by us.

In Comment IT we have an extreme respect for every team member as well as for the expertise of our customers. We care and we are accountable for every thing we produce and for every decision we take. We know what we do not know, and we strive to reduce the unknown gap with a continuous improvement and learning culture. We care about our environment and the legacy to our next generations which means that we support sustainability that helps to reduce our ecological footprint.

Are we a perfect fit?

Is Comment IT´s software expertise perfect for You?

Advice partnership

You have an idea and maybe you are already executing it, but you want to be sure that you are using the right stack of technologies or you want to check if your solution can scale or perhaps you are not sure about the next step. Can we help you?

  • Evolutionary architecture
  • Continuous delivery
  • Digital strategy
  • Software reviews

Delivery partnership

You want to build the piece of software that can give you an advantage in your industry, or you want to save time and money automating some tedious tasks, or perhaps you want to increase the communication with your employees. Can we help you?

  • Software delivery
  • Legacy code
  • Software design
  • Software architecture

Coaching partnership

You have noticed something is not working as you expected with your team, or maybe you want to reduce the time to market and have better and faster feedback, or improve the quality of your software. Can we help you?

  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous integration
  • Extreme programming
  • Lean / Agile

How we do it

Experience a level of quality in both software design & software delivery.

Let’s discuss your idea

It is important to meet to discuss your dreams or concerns; we are really good listeners. Honesty is fundamental during this phase, we won't make promises that we can't keep.

Let’s show you how we do it

We will introduce some initial good software practices, for example, Continuous Integration or Test Driven Development, to help your company to do better. Feedback and retrospectives are required during this phase.

Let’s keep doing and evaluating

Now you know what we are capable of. It is time to build the piece of software with the quality that you always wanted. Agile and extreme programming are the way to go.

Making you happy makes us happy

Well done! We have done it. We want you to feel proud of what we have achieved together and we want to continue this win-win relationship. Should we start another iteration?

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A software company with a simple goal: write good software to help our clients solve their domain problems.

We are people who are passionate and pragmatic with the job that we do.

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Amelia House
Crescent Road
West Sussex
BN11 1QR
United Kingdom
Email: info@comment-it.co.uk