18th April, 2018

Entity framework core: soft delete + workaround

Regardless of your opinion about whether soft delete is evil or is the panacea, the truth is that EF Core allow us to implement soft delete quite straightforwardly using Query Filters. Just as a reminder, soft delete is when we do not want to delete data from a database (hard delete), instead we mark the […]

18th April, 2018

DDD – Part 4: Life cycle patterns…

In the previous post we introduced some of the DDD building blocks. We divided those building blocks in three categories, in the first category we put the patterns that help us to express our domain; in the second category we are going to place the patterns that help us to manage the life cycle of […]

8th March, 2018

DDD – Part 3: Just a bunch of building patterns…

I have seen several experienced software developers who apply some of the concepts described in Domain-Driven Design which, to some extent, is good, however those developers only apply what is called DDD-lite. They create Entities (but they do not distinguish between root aggregates or normal entities), they create repositories (but they do not use them […]

31st January, 2018

DDD – Part 2: One language to rule them all

In a previous post we discussed communication being key if we want to apply Domain-Driven Design into a project. Let’s dig a bit deeper on that, shall we? We said that a model of a domain is consciously selected information from the domain itself, this information can have multiple shapes, let’s enumerate some of them: […]

Promo: Einstein
30th January, 2018

DDD – Part 1: Once upon a time…

If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself Albert Einstein I am quite sure that this quote was misattributed to Albert Einstein. However, it seems that you cannot write anything without quoting him, it would be like you don’t know what you are talking about and it would […]

29th January, 2018

Domain-Driven Design Series

I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news! I have proposed to apply Domain-Driven Design as a way to build our new but complex green field project and they have accepted. Cool! And the bad news? Well, not everyone in the team knows about Domain-Driven Design. The first thing that […]




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